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Think of Nashla Bogaert as the Dominican Republic’s answer to Sandra Bullock’s relatability, Jennifer Lawrence’s charm and Salma Hayek’s sex appeal. After being an actress and TV presenter for more than a decade, Nashla was ready to wear the shoes of a film producer. As a new entrepreneur, she requested my services to promote a more mature, stronger version of herself. My team and I then provided head-to-toe styling assistance for events, editorial work, TV presentations and social media looks. After this two-month project, her very large audience —in a country of 10 million, Nashla has more than 350,000 followers on her Instagram account— complimented her new look, and saw the intention behind it: many actually became vocal about the fact that in 2015, Nashla became the boss, and meant business.

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Maybe Miralba Ruiz is the Dominican Katie Couric: likable yet respected, young yet experienced. In her current stage, Miralba is now transitioning from life- style TV into corporate communications and brand spokesperson. Using her tall and slender yet curvy figure, I created a sensually elegant lookbook for her, based on pantsuits, natural materials and figure-hugging minimalist dresses, while balancing her skin tone by subduing the copper shades in her red hair.

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May 2016 marked the biggest challenge in my career as a stylist: I was in charge of the head-to-toe looks of five local celebrities —actress Nashla Bogaert and TV presenters Georgina Duluc, Miralba Ruiz, Alessandra Villegas and Mariela Encarnación— for the Premios Soberano, the Dominican Republic’s most important entertainment awards show. Leading a team of nearly 20 professionals, I oversaw their hair and makeup transformations, selected their accessories and outfitted them with gowns from Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang and Naeem Khan, and worked with Dominican designers Oriett Domenech and Jusef Sánchez to create ad hoc outfits. The result? All five were catapulted to the top of the best dressed lists both in local and Latin American media.

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In early 2015, CNN en Español presenter Mariela Encarnación was planning to attend the most prestigious Dominican awards, El Soberano —think Oscars, Grammys and Emmys all rolled into one— as an international guest. As fellow Dominicans, we planned an homage to Oscar de la Renta, by dressing her in a breathtaking black strapless gown with tropical-inspired flowers accented by his his signature tassel earrings. The local media labeled Encarnación as one of the best dressed women of the event.

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